Perfect expansion and specially designed built-in plug ensures full expansion of anchor. The test values listed beneath were obtained using 4,000 psi Concrete(no aggregated).A safe working load should not exceed 25% of stated values. Within the range of load bearing, it can be used for indoor fixing, fire fightingapparatus, hot water piping, air-conditioner, general usually fixing and suspended fixing, and slot steel, track, and suspended goods fixing, it is conveniently &quickly to inflate the body by inside cone plug. The knurling on the surface of the product is to enhance the traction between product and the interface, it is designed according to different construction requirement. The enclosed load carrying capacity date of this product is under the test condition of 280~330kgs/cm2of the concrete intensify, and the max security load carrying capacity should not exceed 25% of the standard gauge.


Material: steel zinc plated Size of screw: M4, M5, M6, and M8 With pan head screw With C-hook, O-hook, and L-hook are available Body shells can be supplied separately Easy to install


Features: Designed specially for use in lightweight concrete. Ideal for gas pipes,pipe clips,bathroom and kitchen fittings. Material: Steel and White zinc-plated